The best solution to support your customers.

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Your clients can open tickets and send replies through email

Live Chat
Provide Real-Time support to your clients

Let clients have their self-support ! so they can save your time, and theirs.

Keep a close eye on your organization, with insights and custom reports.

Multi Language
Easily translate the software to multiple languages!

Saved Responses
Is it practical to copy paste your response everytime?

Events Docs
Trigger your custom actions , whatever they are, upon defined events!

Integration made easy, integrate your system with anything you want.

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Organaize and prioritize your customer's problems. With auto assignment to a staff

Ticket assignment

You have the choice to either assign ticket based on online agents so you can guarantee a faster response for your customer, or assign them based on agents with least tickets.

Live Chat

Real-Time Support for your customers, your customers can initiate a chat, and you can allow them to attach files.

You're not available to answer? No problem, they can leave a message.

Our Code

Our code is very clear and understandable, you can understand the whole structure in few minutes. From day one, one of our main goals was to create a support system that is easily expandable

Why should i choose FireHelp?

Unlike competitors, we'll provide you with the highest quality of code and support, and most of all value for money.

We won't charge you by Agent, you can add as many as you wish so you can stop worrying while your organization grow.